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WHO – Wuhan Scientists Questioned About Covid-19 Origins

BY: Danyal Khan

The WHO team that had been sent to China to investigate the origins of Covid-19 had a series of important discussions with scientists from Wuhan. The discussions that took place included some updates on animal health research. At the start of the pandemic, China announced that it would shut down the wildlife market in Wuhan, where the outbreak had begun. The World Health Organization had stated that the Coronavirus initially made its way to humans through bats. Although it also believed that there may be another animal “host”, the results of this investigation have been eagerly awaited by many scientists and governments around the globe.

Washington has been the most eager for the investigation's report and  President Trump’s administration has not been pleased with the WHO, and has accused the organization of being China-centric. The Trump administration is also planning on terminating its relationship with the agency because of how it is handling the pandemic. It has been

reported that the WHO had in-depth discussions about updates on epidemiological studies, genetic and biologic analysis with animal health research. These were the main topics discussed with Chinese counterparts. 

The mission that was laid out to be for three weeks in advance included two specialists in the animal health and epidemiology sector, and was set to lay the groundwork for a more advanced team of both Chinese and international experts that will work to figure out how the virus jumped the line from animals to humans. This team's composition will indeed be highly sensitive as it has been stated that any type of exclusion of U.S. experts would be controversial.

Another important factor of this entire research is the degree of access that will be granted by Beijing. President Trump and the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo have both stated that they believe that this pathogen may have been created in a lab in Wuhan. However, there has been no evidence presented to back this statement and China has also denied the accusations. Different authorities and scientists around the world as well as the U.S. Intelligence Agencies believe that it may have emerged in nature. 

The World Health Organization’s Emergencies Programme chief Mike Ryan believes that the results can include some surprises. Mr. Ryan believes that even if the virus started in Wuhan, it does not necessarily mean that it is the place where the disease made its way from animals to humans.

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