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Up Next: A Deeper Dive Into Trudeau’s Plans To Ban Single-use Plastics

By: Hephzibah Kaleem

In efforts to achieve Canada’s goal of zero plastic waste by the year 2030, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the ban on single-use plastics. According to Trudeau, the prospective ban, inspired by environmentally conscious legislation passed by the European Union and many other countries last year, seeks to effectively tackle plastic pollution.

A range of efforts have been implemented in different provinces and municipalities to ban the use of plastics (mostly plastic bags); however, Prime Minister Trudeau expressed that a true solution would, and should be nationwide. Although the news of this prospective ban has been widespread, many are questioning if regulations to control plastic use are being implemented.

Restaurants using single-use plastics because of COVID-19 spread concerns was something Trudeau commented on, stating that other materials, like styrofoam, be used for takeout packaging. Environment Minister Wilkinson also announced that the use of plastic grocery bags, stir sticks, six-pack rings, utensils, straws and some food ware made of hard-to-recycle plastics is no longer permitted.

The enforcement of this ban during a pandemic will be hard to adapt to since a number of businesses are trying to stay afloat. Despite this, Mr. Trudeau claims that government officials have been working with various partners to find environmentally and financially sound replacements for single-use plastics.





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