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Uncertainty surrounding North Korea and their Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un

BY: Ishrak Ahsan

The whole secrecy encompassing North Korea has been a popular topic of discussion intriguing the rest of the world. Fascination from the outside world and the lack of information on the communist state itself has fueled curiosity to the extent of uncertainty. This uncertainty has led to many conspiracy theories about the country, and at the epicenter of all the madness is their Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. So, what happens when he supposedly disappears? Mass confusion and skepticism.

This is not the first time Kim Jong-un has vanished from the public eye. Back in 2014, the North Korean leader disappeared for over a month and was later seen on state television walking with a slight limp. Kim, whose weight issue and smoking habit combined with a family history of cardiovascular problems, has led many speculations about his health.

On April 15, the 108th birthday of Kim’s grandfather and North Korea founder Kim Il-sung, he was not present for the public celebration an event he had not missed previously. His absence from the event followed by three weeks of disappearance had left everyone wondering what was going on. The news of China dispatching a team of medical experts to North Korea along with a report by Daily NK (Newspaper focusing on issues related to North Korea) stating that Kim was recovering from a cardiovascular procedure, heightened tensions even more. The entire situation had led many people to search for answers and as a result, many theories surrounding Kim Jongun surfaced. Some thought he was dead from a botched surgery, others believed that he faked his death to expose traitors in his circle, and a few suggested that this whole ordeal was an act to seek attention.

Finally, on May 2, Kim appeared on a state-issued picture cutting the ribbon of a fertilizer factory. Although the picture was released to end any speculations about his health, many still question the validity of it. Leaders in the past have used various methods to physically present themselves in the public, and many are still questioning if he is alive and healthy. The world still only knows little of what goes on in North Korea and until more information is available, we can never be certain.


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