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Trump's reelection - We Should Fear the Elephant in the Bed

BY: Nina Zevgolis

When a political leader holds no moral compass, puts money before the lives of their people, and lies repeatedly to their country about crises; the whole world pays for it. Through recessions, having nations split in half and natural destruction- Countries of which are right on top are affected by it directly. Though many believe another country’s president won’t influence our being, they do.

Mr Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, is filed to run again on November 3rd. Presidential elections have always caused butterfly effects and impacted countries around the world but if Trump wins again, it looks like it will have a great impact (in a much negative way that is). Having a person that has caused so much pain and destruction in office again only worsens matters. 

Looking at issues he has stirred up for his country is already an indication that humanity is not at the top of his priorities. During the past 12 months, six migrant children from ages between 2-16 have died in federal custody. Over the past 10 years, there have been zero deaths in federal custody but since the country has been under his power the rate has multiplied six times. He has been violating the domestic and foreign emolument clauses of the Constitution from day one of his money-making presidency

 In his defence, he responded by calling the emolument clause phoney. In terms of policy, the Trump administration has separated more than 5,400 babies, toddlers and young children from their migrant parents at the Mexico border. Hundreds of those kids were locked up in cages. His demands and the way his administration runs are a clear violation of international laws. The United Nations’ Human Rights Council also said the policy may have amounted to “torture.” 

We’ve seen him lie at every press conference, campaign and interview. Be it whether it was that  COVID-19 was not a health threat, another candidate's personal lives and plans, secrecy in the administration… the list goes on and on. Statisticians have put together 20,000  lies or misleading claims that president trump has said in office. Since he has been preaching the unimportance of a deadly virus, claiming there is not any inequality in the police force, his radical believers have been acting out and creating more division in the country and rallying mindsets based on false facts. 

Knowing now that he doesn’t have the people's best interest at heart means that the well being of our country is at an even bigger risk. America has been our country’s largest trading associate from the beginning and we are reliant on our trade market. If re-elected, he vows to pull out of NAFTA, an agreement that was implemented to promote trade between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The agreement, which eliminated most tariffs on trade between the countries, since 1994. A decision as such would rattle Canada’s economy and stability if we were to change it. Since his presidency, he has been pushing tariffs to be raised and will continue to do so on incoming goods to “protect Americans”.

Our primary relationship with America is oil, gas, agriculture and manufacturing industries. If the figures continue to be raised it would directly affect the income and employment rate of our citizens who work in these departments. If the Trump administration sets a match to long-held Canadian trade agreements, a recession is a hazardous possibility.

If Canadian imports decrease; our jobs in the manufacturing, agriculture, oil and gas sectors will suffer an immediate negative impact. 75% of Canadian jobs are in the service industry, Canada depends on natural resources and manufacturing in provinces like Alberta, where 80% of Canada’s oil is produced. We can only wish that their government considers renegotiating trade agreements before rejecting them and forcing a long drawn-out process to draft new (unfavourable) trade agreements.

Having a weak leader is much like a poor parent, child relationship. The politician is supposed to carry the country and help it grow up to act independent. But what happens when the parent doesn't care about the child, or is neglectful? The family falls apart and the child is prone to criminal behaviours. Poor leadership includes failure to thrive and poor growth and development both physically and mentally. As a result, America is now being viewed as a weak, divided nation and many are waiting for their downfall. 

With threats on the rise in America's government and citizens, we can only expect to be dragged into this mess for reasons of proximity. The role in office has already put our economy, workers and trade at risk, but if he is reelected our safety will most likely be compromised as well as Canada’s stability and economy. We can only pray for someone else to take his position in hopes that they can clean up the mess Trump has caused. 


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