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Trump Clashes with Dr. Birx and the Coronavirus Task Force

Updated: Aug 12

BY: Giordano Proulx

In the midst of the COVID-19’s unrelenting spread in the United States, infighting between President Trump and members of the coronavirus task force is becoming increasingly apparent through their contradictory messages. 

It started with the presence of the disease itself, a fact that Trump trivialized on multiple occasions at the onset of the pandemic. Then he made false statements about his so-called “wonder drug”, hydroxychloroquine. Following those remarks, Trump began to question the legitimacy of policies mandating masks to be worn in public areas. Altogether, these claims muddy the waters regarding possible solutions to stop the coronavirus. 

On the other side of the issue are members of the coronavirus task force, of which the two most prominent members are Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx. These two individuals now walk around with a bullseye on their backs as Trump has repeatedly criticized both of them for their statements. 

On Monday, Trump called Birx “pathetic” after she claimed that Americans should remain cautious as the virus is “extraordinarily widespread.” In addition to labelling her in such a manner, Trump has also stated that Birx was coerced into making that statement by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, saying, “Deborah took the bait & hit us.” The remarks also come, some claim, from a comment Birx made regarding Nancy Pelosi, in which she stated she had “tremendous respect” for the Speaker. 

Dr. Birx, a longstanding Trump loyalist, has done her best to avoid contradicting the President while providing the most accurate statements possible. However, it seems that facts and Trump’s opinions were unable to align in this instance. 

All in all, Trump’s recurring skepticism of the pandemic’s spread across America has become a disturbingly divisive issue; politicians and public health experts are split along party lines when reporting on the virus’s impact on Americans. Subsequently, it is becoming increasingly clear that matters of public health and public policy are not chosen out of the populace’s best interest, but rather in relation to one’s personal agenda


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