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The President Who Denied Covid-19 of Being a Pandemic Has Now Tested Positive for It

BY: Tehreem Chohan

President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil has always denied how big of an obstacle Covid-19 is that is affecting the entire world as a whole. By neglecting his own people that are in need of protection and not following any regulations or scientific recommendations to shield themselves, it’s not a surprise Brazil ultimately became the No. 2 highest cases in the world.

Even after 1.6 million cases and 60,000 deaths alone in Brazil, this was more or less disregarded by the President and his government. He responded to the issue by saying that if he ever got the virus, he would simply shake it off based on his athletic background. To put it in other words, the ignorance of Bolsonaro completely backfired which resulted in him contracting the virus himself. Nevertheless, even after contracting the virus, proving that there is an actual pandemic going on, Bolsonaro has still taken no notice of the fact that Brazil is in one of the worst situations to be in during an undying outbreak.

Following mayors and government officials enforcing social distancing and shutting down public areas to try to calm the epidemic entirely, the president insists that it’s a waste of time and ensures that there won’t be any problem. Even after acquiring the virus himself, Bolsonaro is firmly stating that he is perfectly fine with no signs of any symptoms. This must mean that if the president is fine, every other citizen will surely be as well, even though his own mother-in-law contracted the disease as well. The only important matter that should be concerning is the brink of an economic collapse. With the pandemic completely taking over the globe as hostage, millions affected worldwide, thousands dying and no signs of it ever dying down right now, President Jair Bolsonaro is still turning a blind eye with no signs of taking any action.

The people of Brazil will now have to have to fend for themselves without the support of the government that is supposed to save them from the pandemic. This explains why their numbers in cases and deaths are so unrealistically high and why there is no drop at all. Maybe there is hope that if the president can test positive to the disease, then everyone will realize anyone could get it and force laws and regulations that will secure them from being exposed to the coronavirus. 

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