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The Murder of Ahmaud Arbery, But Why Did It Take So Long?

BY: Tehreem Chohan

Father and son Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael have finally been arrested for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery back in February. But the question everyone is asking themselves is why did it take three months for the justice department to prosecute them when there was so much evidence lying around? There is a full video of them committing the act in broad daylight that has been circulating everywhere on the internet that points to the two men. There was no act of defense or reason for what they did, but Arbery simply jogged around the area when he was fatally shot. Yet they were never held responsible until news about it spread everywhere, and everyone protested for justice.

No action was taken until a majority of people had decided that a man was killed for no reason and the murderers needed to be put in prison. Not only was it regular people speaking out but also celebrities because they had come to a realization that nothing has changed in the great United States of America at all. For the department who are supposed to lock people up to do nothing until there is an outcry for justice, it says a lot about how little the country cares for African Americans as a whole. Americans are known for being free and living their lives however they want unless they are a different race, sex, ethnicity, religion, gender, etc. For this, the example would be the fact that a black man going jogging only to be murdered on video wasn’t a top priority for the police department at all and it stayed like that for three months. The thought that nothing would ever happen if it wasn’t broadcasted everywhere, proves how corrupt the justice system is.

African Americans who have been living in this country for centuries are still treated like they are fighting for their rights in the Civil Rights Movement. The fact that they can’t even go for a run in their own area in the year 2020 proves that little has been done since then and there still needs to be an improvement. America can only live up to what they say they are if they actually act upon it and the country has not done a good job at all. This is one evidence for proof because a Black man was killed by two White men driven by hate towards him. People have to wake up and realize that the only way things can change is if the change actually happens. That is the only way this sort of case will never happen again and Black people can live without the fear of being killed just for the colour of their skin.


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