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The Increasing Diversity Of The GOP

By: Roderyk Boykin

Despite the popular narrative, this election cycle the Republican Party grew their share of support with every minority demographic. In contrast, White male voters fled away from the GOP. This was due to the Republican party changing its strategy and focusing more on outreach and acceptance. We saw this play out in the Hispanic, Black, and LGBTQ vote.

We can see this change of strategy and how it affects the Hispanic community. Over the last few years, Trump and the GOP have put far less of a spotlight on their tough views on immigration. Instead, they’ve focused on painting a likeness of their opponents to the socialist dictators that many people in these communities have had to flee. From the 2016 to 2020 election alone, Trump gained 8 points with Latino men and 5 points with Latina women according to the CNN exit poll.

To court the Black vote, we saw the GOP focus more on outreach. They showed this throughout the Republican convention. There were many Black individuals who spoke from famous football player Herschel Walker to the Democrat Vernon Jones. However, the GOP did not just stop at bringing people out, they also focused on issues close to the Black community. Many speakers brought up police reform and how the Democrats shot down Tim Scott’s police reform bill and also spent a great deal of time talking about now President-elect Joe Biden’s infamous 1994 Crime Bill, which still devastates the Black community to this day. Trump and the Republican Party saw a 9% overall increase in Black support.

The demographic group where we saw the largest growth in support was the LGBTQ, where Trump’s support doubled from 14% to 28%. We can attribute this monumental increase to not only a change in strategy but also something that has escaped Republicans with this group; acceptance. President Donald Trump made history back in 2016 when he became the first Republican presidential nominee to hold up a pride flag. Acts like this further increased support when Trump also announced a global initiative to decriminalize homosexuality on a global scale.

All these voters groups, once Democratic strongholds, are now venturing further and further from the party. Through a change of approach, better outreach, and acceptance, we’re witnessing the creation of a new coalition for the GOP, and a far more diverse one.


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