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The Crumbling House of Trudeau’s Government

BY: Nathaniel Saad

This week’s announcement of the resignation of former Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau came as a surprise to millions throughout the nation... but not really. After the whole WE Charity scandal, Trudeau was left with very little options in terms of damage control; the logical solution was to pin the blame and get rid of a member of his team, something that isn’t unfamiliar with the current Liberal government since the SNC Lavalin affair last year.

As the Prime Minister quickly rushed to find a replacement after ushering Morneau out, one can’t help but notice the disarray in the Liberal Party. Even before the Covid-19 virus, it seemed as if there was nothing but bad news after bad news, headlines featuring scandals and treachery each day monopolizing news feeds and Canadian disappointment. Trudeau’s government has been nothing more than a source of embarrassment for many left and right-leaning Canadians alike.

Now, with a worldwide pandemic on our hands, things have only intensified as the government is scrutinized, unlike anything we’ve seen before. If our political situation was a sport, the last two years would be considered the regular season, currently bringing us to a “political playoff” of sorts, which lines up just in time with the arrival of the NBA postseason. It’s debatable which of the two is more entertaining to watch, but a Liberal victory, in the end, is looking more and more doubtful by the second.

An interesting contrast with our Justin Trudeau is found in one of the most famous presidents in the history of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln. In her book ​Team of Rivals, author Doris Kearns Goodwin describes the political genius of the 16th President in great detail. A must-read for any political enthusiast, Goodwin focuses much of the book around Lincoln’s ability to make friends despite a brewing Civil War, particularly his personality that “enabled him to form friendships with men who had previously opposed him.” The politicians who had run against Lincoln in the Republican nomination were subsequently chosen to become members of his cabinet right after he was elected. This great political leader saved his country by getting close to his enemies, while our PM is doing just the opposite in abasing his country by pushing away his allies.

While the embarrassments we keep seeing are discouraging, this goes beyond the issue of mere scandal. The Trudeau government is on the verge of collapsing in on itself. Both the Finance Minister and the Attorney General, two incredibly powerful government positions, have been replaced in the last two years. This is just an example of the instability and perfidy of Canada’s current government, aside from the fact that in the last election, the popular vote went to the CPC. Canadians are beginning to realize what needs to be done to save their country and many are expecting this realization to manifest itself in the next election. As the saying goes, a house divided against itself cannot stand. Trudeau’s House is falling apart and scanty apologies aren't going to fix it anymore.

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