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The Calling for Resignation of Long Term Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

BY: Tehreem Chohan

The entire world has gone on a mission to try to stop the virus from spreading in order to calm the pandemic down. With numerous countries going to extreme measures to stop Covid-19 from spreading and doing further damage, there have been many positive outcomes, such as multiple nations recording more cases resolved than deaths. Yet some ignorance from leaders has caused more harm than good, out of deliberately disregarding precautions which only makes matters worse in their countries. One of those in charge being Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, which in particular has not taken any seriousness to the pandemic whatsoever.

Netanyahu’s carefree attitude has resulted in Israel catching hundreds of cases daily, as much as 1,400 cases in a day alone. The economy has also become an imbalance with the unemployment rate surging to 20%. Besides the thousands of cases and hundreds of deaths due to the virus, it’s not a surprise that people have had enough. The negligence has caused Israelis to demand the resignation of Netanyahu, which has been seen as a long-awaited departure ever since he was accused of fraud in January this year. Although being charged in a total of three cases, he is still in power from forging a new government in May, which slows down the struggle of impeaching him.

Along with a now tainted reputation, it has gone more poorly with the rough handling of the widespread virus in the state of Israel and has only gotten even worse for the citizens. Thousands of protesters exclaimed for the renunciation of Netanyahu in Tel Aviv in front of his residence surrounded by police. Posters and demonstrations at the rally prove how completely fed up they are with their prime minister, often referring to him as “crime minister” and yelling at him to retire. Activists are also demanding that a criminal under trial should not be in a position of power. The number of people in the protests rising caused a dilemma with the police as many activists try to get through the wall of cops blocking them. Police used water cannons against them in an attempt to disperse the group and keep everything at ease. Despite that effort, protestors moved to the streets and chanted for Netanyahu to leave while lighting objects on fire in response that led to 50 being arrested.

Regardless of the state of Israel now, it is just one of the many nations that have several troubles with their economy and government that erupted from the pandemic. It has opened the eyes of many that have realized how little their leaders care for them regardless of them swearing to protect them. The question is if they won’t protect them at the worst what is the point of having a leader at all.

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