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Sports Impacted by Covid-19

BY: Ishrak Ahsan & Telha Chohan

Sporting leagues and events all around the world have been affected due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Major sporting events like the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and various other sporting competitions such as the NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, English Premier League have all been cancelled or postponed. The cancellations and pauses and rescheduling of seasons have left fans frustrated and confused about the effects this will have on their favourite teams, and sports teams are also in disarray about what will happen to the current season since it's all up to the executive.

With the season coming to a sudden halt, teams are now facing problems paying their staff since a major source of their revenue comes from ticket sales and due to closures, this has diminished. Many sports-related employees have been laid off or put on furlough as sports teams simply cannot pay them under the current circumstances. In times like these many players have taken pay cuts to help their team pay the salaries of various backroom staff and employees to prevent further job loss. Furthermore, English Premier League players have banded together to create a contribution fund that will be distributed to the most vulnerable sectors that have been hit the hardest such as healthcare workers and essential staff during this pandemic.

While fans are eagerly waiting to see their favourite teams in action again, the teams and leagues are putting the safety of their fans and employees first. Return of any sports with a live audience will only be permissible when health officials confirm that it can be done without risking another outbreak.


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