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“Sorry, busy at work” - Neo-Nazi

By: Suzann Abraham

The world was convinced that the terror of the Nazi movement ended at the Nuremberg trials, where Nazi war criminals were convicted for crimes against humanity and peace. 6 They include party leaders, high-ranking officials, lawyers and industrialists. Though controversial, the trials lead to global recognition and the establishment of international law. For example, this event led to the United Nations Genocide Convention (1948) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948). 6

However, that was not the end of the neo-Nazi movement. For decades, smaller groups have united across the globe and have sought to spread hate, fear and crime. One example is the recent arrest and conviction of the Golden Dawn Party.

The Golden Dawn party, founded as a neo-Nazi group in the 1980s, has now become the third-largest party in Greece. It is also a model for many global extreme-right groups. For the past few years, the party faced charges including the fatal stabbing of the Greek rap singer Pavlos Fyssas in 2013 and physical attacks on Egyptian fishermen in 2012.Thousands of people protested and several years of trials began. 4 Finally, on October 7, 2020, the court ruled that the party was operating as a criminal organization. Fyssas was an anti-fascist rapper killed by Giorgos Roupakias. The five people accused of attempted murder against the fishermen were also founded guilty. “The ruling demonstrates that they were just a gang of knife-wielding thugs who took their orders from the top,” said a lawyer representing the fishermen. The party has also been found guilty of threatening and abusing same-sex couples.

Outside the courthouse, a security team of 2,000 police, drones and a helicopter placed as thousands of protesters gathered.4 Many consider this as a prime example for the younger generation to learn unacceptable crimes and intolerance against human rights. A 69-year-old demonstrator said, “They are not innocent, they must go to jail, they must be convicted. We must send a message to the younger generations, a message against fascism.” 1

This isn’t the only occurrence.

There have been efforts to recruit and groom teenagers to be part of a neo-Nazi militant group. The FBI described their goal to unite white supremacists and incite a race war. Recruitment interviews took place on conference calls, and members were asked about their personal history, ethnicity, experience with weapons and even what books they read. They were to familiarize themselves with the white supremacist ideology. 2

A few months ago, eight members of a German neo-Nazi group were imprisoned. They were guilty of forming a terrorist organization, planning a campaign of violence. The members were between 22 and 32 and were called the “Revolution Chemnitz.” Five of them carried the first attack in 2018, armed with glass bottles, weighted knuckle gloves and an electroshock appliance, hurting many foreign residents. This was believed to have been a test run for a bigger attack on German Unity Day. 3

A police officer and his wife were suspected of sending threats to well-known immigrant figures through emails that were signed “NSU 2.0”. This was the “National Socialist Underground,” a neo-Nazi gang known for gruesome racist murders. 5

These are only a few of many. Race was a reason for pride. Now it is a source for conflict and war but mostly injustice to so many.


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