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Re-Cap of Interview with Indian Consul General

BY: Ammar Faridi

The Youth In Politics Team had the opportunity to sit down and have a discussion with the Indian Consul General last month. In this interview Zubair asked many questions and gained an insight on Indian and Canadian relationships from Arpoova Srivastava. 

Srivastava opened up about her arrival to Toronto in September and the adjustment to living in Canada. She discussed the strong Indian presence and how she was greeted. Once asked about if she had faced any challenges along the way her reply discussed how her role is to serve the community and strengthen the relationships between both countries.     

Arpoova mentioned that the countries already have a strong relationship, with $10 billion in bilateral trade, but she sees the potential and hopes to tap into that. She discusses many avenues of growing the relationship including commerce, trade, innovation and even cultural exchange. She highlights that the relationship is already growing by shedding light to the fact that Indian international students make up the largest group of international students. 

Furthermore, Srivastava was asked about her opinions on the recent Covid-19 outbreak.

She said that it was quite a shock and surprise but showed how interconnected the world truly is. She elaborated by discussing the Indian expats residing in Canada and acting as a “living bridge” between the 2 nations. She believes that both countries should realize the potential of strengthening their ties as the world is more connected than ever. 


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