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Re-Cap MP Mark Holland Interview

BY: Ammar Faridi

The Youth In Politics Team had the opportunity to sit down and have a discussion with Liberal MP, Mark Holland, earlier this March. In this interview Holland was asked questions on his experiences, challenges and responsibilities as a government whip and the top five issues in Canada. 

Mark started off by explaining his roles in and out of politics. He acted as the MP of the area since 2004, with an involuntary leave in 2011 to work with the Heart and Stroke Foundation. When questioned on his responsibilities and role Holland elaborated by explaining how MP’s act as “interlockers between cabinet and caucus”.

Similarly to any other job there are some challenges associated with being a MP. Holland highlighted two main ones; being away from home and loved ones for days on end, and how toxic the debate between parties can get at times. He elaborated on the second challenge by explaining how he has to work with other party members to come to a solution especially with the recent minority government.

The first topic discussed were the recent changes in our landscape. Holland spoke on this topic by pointing out the rapid change being seen: the new jobs, new technologies, new cultures and new ideas. He also discussed how the new generation has to adapt to the change in communication, seeing a perfect snapshot that is usually an oversimplification and at times dishonest.

Mark also opened up about the housing issues in Canada. He said that as we’re seeing GTA become a megacity of the world there are changes we must adapt to. He discusses how we must shift our expectations as the housing market changes. Mark also mentions the federal government dedicated $11 billion over the next 10 years to bring housing affordable to all.

Thirdly, Zubair asks Holland regarding the unsafe water conditions of Indigenous communities. Mark Holland celebrates the strides that have been made in the past 5 years alone but acknowledges much more progress must be made. 

Furthermore, Mark empathises with the people of Alberta and Saskatchewan once asked about the lack of Liberal MPs. He said that there is no simple solution to climate change and that we have to realize that some are dependent on those sectors. Holland believes that climate change should be a shared responsibility.   

Covid-19 was the last topic discussed in the interview. Holland discusses living through SARS and says we should all take a “step back”. He advises to take reasonable precautions and listen to health officials in order to mitigate risk. 

Closing off, Holland gives young people advice about joining politics and working with the PM. He suggests to explore what you are passionate about and volunteer with causes you support. Mark finishes off by reminding us that politics can get toxic at times and even if we disagree with a view we should still respect them as everyone is doing what they believe is the right thing.  


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