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President Trump’s Democracy Attacks Continue

BY: Gabriella Maddalena

Election Day in America had quickly become Election Week as people across the globe were on the edge of their seats waiting to see whether former Vice President Joe Biden or President Trump became the next President of the United States. Of course, in true 2020 fashion, this election shaped into pure chaos as we patiently waited. In case you weren’t following election coverage for the last 5 days, or have been living under a rock, the now President-Elect Joe Biden has been projected to win 279 electoral votes on Saturday morning. The current President, however, is anything but happy about the results of this election. 

As mentioned earlier in my previous article, “President Trump’s Attack on Democracy” the 45th President of the United States had been working for months to paint the 2020 election as fraudulent. In the lead up to November 3rd, President Trump had urged his supports not to vote by mail and to head directly to the polls on election night. This was done because in-person votes are counted first, which gave the current President a head-start in the race. However, as the mail-in votes were counted, President Trump’s prior claims from the months ahead of the election lit a fire in his supporters, alongside him and his administration. 

Early Wednesday morning, the President gave a speech from the White House falsely claiming victory despite being behind in electoral votes, with his leads shrinking in the swing states of this election. He also started again with claims of election fraud, urging his supporters to head to ballot stations to encourage the polling workers to stop counting ballots in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Many of the President’s supporters showed up to the stations in all these states in staggering numbers. Some of them armed with guns, demanding the voting to stop in the name of voter fraud. The question at hand is, where is the proof?

The answer is quite simple. There is none. Voting by mail is not new. Many Americans throughout past elections have voted by mail, the difference is that this year more Americans than ever before had requested mail-in ballots. As CNN had been reporting all week long, the mail-in votes were lopsidedly in favor of Biden. This can easily be in causation to the President telling his supporters to not vote by mail. 

As stated in the first part of this follow-up article, President Trump had said if he is leading on election night but loses his lead once mail-in votes are counted because of ‘fraud’, he will take the election to the Supreme Court of the United States. The President had been preaching this narrative even before the election took place, and once his lead started slipping away, he stated this is his exact plan. 

The President has wasted no time in filing lawsuits against the Swing States of the 2020 election; Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona. Judges from both Michigan and Georgia had already thrown out these lawsuits, as the President has no evidence to back up the claims of fraud. It is President Trump himself who made mandates that mail-in votes or early in-person votes could not be counted in some states until after the election day in-person votes were counted, which is what allowed President-Elect Biden to overtake President Trump’s lead. Nonetheless, the 45th President is refusing to accept the results and is prepared to take legal action. 

It is worth noting that the President and his administration have no factual basis for these lawsuits, as again there is no evidence of voter fraud at all. The President can make all the claims he wants, it won’t make them true. However, the President is entitled to recounts in both Pennsylvania and Georgia if the final tallies are within a certain margin. It is unlikely, however, that if a recount occurs, it will flip to favor President Trump, as mail-in votes have almost all been in favor of the now President-Elect Biden. 

If the President is successful in his quest to bring the election before the Supreme Court, the results might change which votes count in this election. Before the election, the President nominated Judge Amy Coney-Barrett to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court. She was confirmed as a SCOTUS Justice before the election, and the Trump Campaign is crossing their fingers that she is their ticket to victory when they bring the election results forward. 

This is the first time that we have seen an American President prepared to take legal action to completely silence the majority of American voters. President Trump has an army of lawyers at the ready to try to sue the states to maintain power. These actions are some of the most undemocratic strategies to maintain power in the United States.

Though Joe Biden has been projected to win the 2020 election and is now the President-Elect, the fight for American democracy is not yet over. As we all wait for the final four states to be called (Alaska, Georgia, Arizona, and North Carolina), we are all also holding our breath to see what President has in store for his last days in office. The new question we must ask ourselves is, “What will President Trump do next to challenge American Democracy?”


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