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Looters Taking Advantage of Legitimate Protests

BY: Ubaid Chohan

Riots are happening all over The United States after the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who was murdered in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Derek Chauvin an ex-police officer. Last Saturday, a riot took place in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Scottsdale Fashion Mall which led to "millions of dollars in damages and theft" said Scottsdale police.

The event was incited when a social media post told people to meet at the Fashion Mall instead of destroying their own community. On May 30 at 10 PM, around 500 people showed up to the event where they caused property damage and looted the Fashion Mall. This left store owners to defend themselves from the violent protesters which was a frightening experience for them. One store owner and his employees defended their store with rifles and handguns, "We weren't here to hurt anybody” said the storeowner’s son. He had just been startled after witnessing what had happened to the apple store nearby and went for a gun. After the incident, Doug Ducey, the governor of Arizona announced a Curfew from 8 PM to 5 AM with it lasting up until Monday, June 8.

20 people have been arrested so far with 46 thousand dollars’ worth of stolen merchandise recovered from the looters. One woman stole 26 thousand dollars’ worth of designer bags and sunglasses, while another man had stolen 11 thousand dollars’ worth of watches. These people are ruining the image of African Americans and the black lives matter movement, by using protests to steal and benefit themselves. “They want us to mess up. They want us to be disorganized,” said John Beyega during a protest in London. He referred to the fact that the police are trying to find the negativity about African Americans to use it against them just like they’ve been using the riots. That is why it is more efficient to protest peacefully then to protest violently against racial inequality.

To sum it all up, in this time of need for the Black community, millions of people are protesting for racial equality and need your support. There are many ways you can raise awareness for the black lives matter movement. Spreading it on your social media and protesting peacefully is a great way of achieving this. The riots are discrediting the good intention of the protests by overshadowing it with looting and violence, which is casting a bad reflection on a good cause.

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