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Local Hong Kong Students Arrested Due to National Security Law

BY: Danyal Khan

Four local Hong Kong students have been detained under a police operation that began the enforcing of China’s new national security law. The four students were all arrested for allegedly “inciting secession” on a social media platform. The incident happened after the new national security law was enforced on July 1.

Tony Chung, who was one of the students arrested was the former leader of a pro-independence youth group called Sudentlocalism. A notable student activist named Joshua Wong has said that Mr. Chung was followed by police officers for many days. Chung’s purpose for arrest was a post that he wrote on Facebook about “China’s Nationalism”. 

The other students arrested are between 16 and 21 years old and said to be former members of Studentlocalism. However, the group had been scattered in June of this year, before the new law was enforced. The group stated that it would still continue to campaign from abroad

China's new controversial law has criminalized many things such as secession, subversion and collusion with forces abroad. Under this law, previous arrests have been performed. However, these arrests were made over banners and slogans that were present at protests. Many critics have stated how China’s new law eliminates the freedom of Hong Kong. However, Beijing has spoken on the criticism and has said that this new law is completely necessary as it will prevent pro-democracy protests that have been seen in Hong Kong throughout the previous year. 

It is important to recall what this new security law consists of. The law itself is very broad, especially on the fact of making hatred towards China’s central government and Hong Kong’s regional government illegal. This new controversial law potentially permits closed-door trials, wire-tapping and potential for suspects to be tried. A huge variety of acts, such as causing harm to public transport facilities can be defined as terrorism. Internet providers and authorities must provide data to the police force at any given time when requested. With the new law coming in, the already restricted liberty of the people is being furthered constrained by the Chinese government.

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