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Killing the economy and angering racists to prove a point is not effective. Message to America

BY: Aaron Anandji

George Floyd, an unarmed man of African American descent, was brutally suffocated under the knees of a police officer. This act has been almost universally condemned, and for good reason. No one should go through such inhumane treatment, and no one should feel threatened by the means in-place to protect them. But this act highlights a long-standing problem of police brutality in America. And it also brings attention to the rooted systematic racism that permeates in the shadows of progress.

But the response to this atrocity has also been abhorrent in many cases. Riots, lootings, and fires have gripped America in their clutches. And it could not have come at a worse time. Reeling from the continued effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, many small and medium-sized businesses have been pushed to the precipice of ruin; riots may well nudge them over the edge. When the economy suffers, everyone pays the price. Jobs are lost. Goods and services end up in short supply. Though the end may be just, the means are not. In this case, the means are hurting everyone.

Bringing attention and awareness to important issues should not be done through inflicting injustices on other law-abiding citizens. It should be done through peaceful and logical appeals to policy makers.

So, what can be done? For starters, you can provide a solution to the problem. One such idea is to federally centralize guidelines for proper detainment procedures and lay clear a set of punitive measures for failing to adhere to these rules. This way, minorities can rest easier knowing that there is a system of accountability for rogue cops. And policemen do not have to worry about potential ostracization from the public so long as they follow this new guideline. 

What else can you do? Contact your federal and state representatives. They are elected officials. And they have a vested interest in your opinions. Petition them. You and your fellow community members are the constituents that help them keep their jobs. Write to them and send them your thoughts on what must happen. They can implement your propositions. This is how you bring about real and long-lasting change.

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