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Kamala Harris: A Quest For Power

By: Roderyk Boykin

Throughout America’s 2020 election cycle, voters were reminded that Kamala Harris does not consistently hold any political values and will attack anyone who stands in her way of obtaining power. This idea has been highlighted through recent interviews with Harris about her hypocritical views on marijuana and her earlier attacks on her running mate surrounding issues of race and sexual misconduct.

One of the most notorious instances where we were able to see that Harris does not consistently hold beliefs and is perfectly fine with harming others so long as she benefits from it with her conflicting views on marijuana. Harris actively opposed marijuana legislation back in 2010 and then abstained on legislation brought forth again in 2016. In a 2019 interview with the popular radio talkshow ​The Breakfast Club​, Charlamagne Tha God asked Harris if she ever smoked pot after Harris said she no longer opposes legalization, while laughing she replied “I did and I did inhale.”

Not only is this in stark contrast to her legislative career but also her legal one. Harris was the District Attorney of San Francisco from 2004 till 2011. Throughout her tenure she had over 1900 people convicted for marijuana related offenses at a conviction rate 6% higher than that of her predecessor. So this would mean that despite Harris admitting to smoking marijuana, she actively fought against legalization and crimilized over 1900 people and the only switched her position recently as she realized legalization is now popular and would be a good way to consolidate power as she tried to run as the leader of the democratic party.

Now obviously Harris didn’t end up being leader of the Democratic party, but Harris is now the Vice Presidential candidate of Joe Biden. Their relationship demonstrates that same pattern of Harris belittling the importance of her previous statements in order to pursue power.

Based off of what she’s previously said about Joe Biden, nobody would've pictured them working together. Back when the two of them were competing (among numerous others) for the leadership of the Democratic party, Harris was asked whether or not she believe the allegations of sexual misconduct that were being brought forth at the time against Joe Biden. She responded by saying “I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it.” In addition Harris also attacked Biden’s past opposition to busing as a measure of desegregation. She says that Biden’s stance would’ve personally prevented her from being able to go to school. Despite the severity of the implications associated with both of her attacks, she did hesitate at the offer to be his Vice President and expand her power.

The pattern that the American voter can draw from this is clear. Harris does not have any closely-held political beliefs and will disparage or ruin anyone standing in her way of expanding her influence. Through her conflicting stances on marijuana and the barrage of attacks directed at the person who is now her running mate, voters when at the ballot box this year, should stop and think and put more emphasis on the Vice-President.

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