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Johnson and Johnson’s COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Promise

By: Hephzibah Kaleem

After 7 months of quarantine and social distancing, many are exacerbated by living the same day over and over again; holed up in their living spaces, eagerly awaiting for COVID-19 to magically disappear. The pandemic that condemned the year 2020 for many generations to remember is still very real and very rampant.

The race between large corporations to find a COVID-19 vaccine is imminent. Using the same technology they used for the Ebola, Zika, HIV, and RSV vaccines, Johnson and Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine has been showing promising results. Because it holds a good record of safety, many are looking at Johnson and Johnson longing for a COVID-eradicating miracle. Although this study has not officially been peer-reviewed or published in a medical journal, snippets of information about the vaccine have been confirmed.

After receiving early results from the 1/2a clinical trials, the researches revealed that the current vaccine stimulated the development of antibodies in almost 99% of the 800 participants. It was also explained that there might not be the need to administer two doses as one dose seems to have the desired effect. This additional factor makes this vaccine more practical as everyone around the world needs to be vaccinated and administration of one dose is much easier than two. Furthermore, the vaccine does not need to be frozen when it is transported, making administration even simpler. The designated group that is to receive a second dose will still receive it, to monitor the effects of two whole doses. The vaccine does have side-effects such as headaches, fever, fatigue, and body aches; however, they are not extensive and tend to resolve after a few days.

On Wednesday, September 23rd, Johnson and Johnson became the fourth company in the United States to announce that their COVID-19 vaccine moved onto the final round of clinical trials. Even though they are not the first to come out with a vaccine prototype, Johnson and Johnson were approved to investigate its effects on an estimated group of 60,000 volunteers from all over the world.

Although the progress of the COVID-19 vaccine is thrilling, Dr Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, has predicted that social-distancing will be around for a lot longer than expected. The release of a vaccine is fast approaching however total eradication of COVID-19 is still a far-fetched goal. It will be a while before we are able to resume pre-quarantine “normal” life, as social-distancing is, and will be, an unfortunate reality.





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