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Joe Biden Wins Presidency: Hope for a Brighter Future

By: Rebekah Eunaah Craig

America is hurting. The people are divided, the politics seemingly more entertaining than governing, and choosing a leader is usually grappling for the lesser of two evils. After four long years of Donald Trump's upheaval and failed attempts to “make America great again”, Americans finally have the chance to change the course of their future for the better; voting for Joe Biden.

Finally securing his win with over 280 electoral votes, Democratic candidate Joe Biden reigns victorious in the 2020 Presidential election with over 73 million votes; breaking the record for the most votes for any presidential candidate in American history.

After long awaiting the results, Biden wins 20 electoral votes from Pennsylvania surpassing the 270 votes needed. The Democrats currently, as of Saturday, have 290 electoral votes, are tied with Republicans in the Senate race, and have a lead of 19 votes in the House.

What poses a potential problem is if the Republicans win the Senate race. Republican control of the senate can complicate the outcome of what the next four years of Biden’s presidency will look like. During former President Barack Obama’s presidency, the Republicans won the Senate and Mitch McConnell (the Republican majority leader) made it clear he wasn’t going to make it easy for Obama, so could this also become a problem in Biden’s presidency?

What differs in Biden’s situation is that him and McConnell have a working dynamic created over the years as Senate colleagues. McConnell was also the only Republican Senate to even attend Biden’s son's funeral five years ago. This is not to say Biden and McConnell are best buds, but it gives a sense of hope that this could be a relatively fair give-and-take relationship.

Biden’s win also marks a historic moment for America; Kamala Harris is the first woman and first woman of color to serve as vice-president. Biden and Harris are the dream team, they stand for human rights unlike the previous president; there’s no doubt they will lead this country with dignity.

At 77, Joe Biden has become the oldest American president in history; a father and a husband who has lived through many trials and tribulations to find himself in the utmost position of power and leadership. He rises to the podium of tremendous responsibility equipped with a lifetime of experience for the purpose of serving the people of America.

Biden has been given one of the most difficult mandates: a failed economy, a severely divided populous, a global pandemic ravaging the country, serious race relations that need to be addressed and a desperate need for reform amidst the climate crisis, and a plethora of other issues. Biden’s win gives hope for a brighter future for all Americans as well as those in neighbouring countries; we now welcome 2021 with heads held high and ready for the change we’ve all been awaiting.

Picture: https://thenationpress.net/en/news-62861.html

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