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Israel’s Decision that Might Cause a War with Palestine if No One Intervenes

BY: Tehreem Chohan

Israel and Palestine have been in conflict since the occupation started in 1948 that left Palestine to the West Bank behind a wall. Ever since then, there has been no peace between the two with a total of eight wars, multiple protests, riots and extreme hate and fear of each other caused by the struggle of power and control over the state. The conflict will now get even worse if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu goes forth with full annexation of the West Bank and the remainder of Palestine meaning most of the land will be Israel’s territory for their communities and housing.

Netanyahu even set up a date for the topic to be discussed in a debate on July 1st, ignoring Palestine’s or most of the world’s concern and worry that the suggestion was even something to discuss. Most of the government had the thought of discussion and wanted to wait because of the pandemic and fear of a wave of new COVID-19 cases. But Netanyahu is in no patience of waiting and wants to start the new occupation starting in early July and so on with anticipation of something new for Israel, ignoring the fact that there are people that already live there and will be left without a home if this happens.

In response, Palestinians have already begun protesting in Gaza City demonstrating that they do not agree with tearing down the last of their homes and are already planning few more protests in the remaining parts of the West Bank.

Nonetheless, Netanyahu’s big dream of taking over Palestine entirely will be fully supported by Trump’s government and his Middle Eastern plan that allows Israel to remove property considered illegal to Israel and build their own residence for themselves. The Palestinian government will talk with Israel about the entirety of the plan in a way to stop or calm things down but will not agree or discuss the issues with America or its plans. But the conversation will not be heartfelt over the situation at all with one side declaring war if the other will ignore the concern and anger.

Countries that support and have allied with Israel are all disapproving of the sudden statement with PM Boris Johnson completely disapproving and Jordan saying it might start new conflicts with them. The United Nations, European Union and some of the Middle East have announced that this proposition contravenes international law and has started an idea of making Palestine its own state.

From a mile away anyone can see that this is an invasion of another’s territory without a care and a way that can cause an even bigger rift between two states that already have hatred for each other. With a history of problems and the world supporting either side, Palestine and Israel are now on the brink of war again.

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