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Interview With MP Edison Broce (Environment & Youth Political Engagement)

BY: Ammar Faridi

The Youth In Politics Team had the opportunity to interview MP Edison Broce earlier this May. Broce was asked many questions and revealed the details of being one of the youngest MPs elected in his country of Panama.   

Edison started off by talking about the tough times brought on in Pamana due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. He discusses the containment measures and economic measures that are necessary to get back on track as soon as possible. 

Furthermore, Broce elaborates on the responsibilities of being one of the youngest MPs in Panama and how it's important to get young people motivated and wanting to make a difference early on. Edison started off by talking about his early involvement in politics and causes from 10 years are what fueled his introduction into politics, especially his leading environmental cause. 

He talked about opening an NGO that jump started recycling initiatives across the country. Edison said that his experience with the NGO allowed him to introduce the recycling law once entering office. Broce highlights that “when you’re young every experience counts.”

Broce continues on by explaining his road to MP. He mentions that he ran independent and has always been independent. He mentions that he only wanted to support a party and so far he only views them as large groups of power. 

Edison wants to push a new style of politics. A cause-based politics instead of the old way. He has a lot of belief in the new generation to step up and bring about this change. When asked about the new environmental laws he’s backing Edison thinks it's crucial to help people understand the importance of them. 

When discussing environmental changes Broce thinks that the topics should not be talked about in abstract terms but rather concrete ones such as one’s health. He advises people “to shake the system” and different ways of “manifesting people’s anger” such as through Greta Thunberg’s movement.

Lastly, Edison talks on the Panama Canal and the cuts to water. He said that they are trying 12 alternatives to maintain normal operations. He said that the country also has to take this water issue into account as it impacts the main sources of income as well. Broce is also worried about the effect on globalization due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which will be seen through the hit to the Panama Canal.    


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