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In the End, Mr. President Was Defeated by Children on TikTok

Updated: Jul 25

BY: Amelia Kwan

If you thought the inauguration turnout was bad, then comparing it to the 2020 comeback rally would be like comparing the Olympics to a Little League football game. You know it’s bad when the inauguration is considered the Olympics in this scenario. 

With less than 6,200 supporters in attendance, President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma looked less like a rally and more like the dress rehearsal before they opened the stadium to the public. This time, Trump’s typical gasconade about America’s return to greatness simply couldn’t hide the swaths of empty bleachers devoid of supporters. 

So why did no one show up to the comeback rally of Trump the Great and Powerful? Did the protesters trample his supporters in a political stampede? Were all his supporters hospitalized after injecting themselves with Lysol? Was it Russian hackers again? 

Actually, I’m pretty sure Trump wishes it was Russian hackers that hijacked the online reservations for his rally - in that case, he could at least make himself look better by blaming a political enemy armed with hackers and advanced espionage technology. But no, Mr. President got trolled by children on TikTok. 

Prior to the rally, the Trump campaign boasted over a million expected attendees, with an overflow of 40,000. It turns out that the “million RSVPs” were actually from TikTok users who had no intention of attending, selling out the arena with fake ticket reservations. 

The Trump campaign blames “fake news” for discouraging people from attending the event and protesters blocking arena entrances, but the real reason is summed up much better by New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a tweet: “Actually you just got ROCKED by teens on TikTok.” 

Although thousands of his supporters couldn’t get a ticket to the rally due to the flood of fake TikTok ticket reservations, they didn’t miss much anyway. Trump’s campaign speech repeated many of the ramblings about “Making America Great Again” (you can watch his speeches from the last election to hear those), a lecture defending his elegant stride down the ramp at West Point, and racist remarks about COVID-19 by poetically referring to it as the “Kung Flu.” 

Actually, the President has probably caused more harm to people with his anti-mask and anti-testing advocacy than Kung Fu ever has. 

The low turnout from the rally is a sign of Trump’s rapid loss of favour among the American people and he knows it. Head hanging, tie undone, he shuffled from the helicopter back to the White House like a man who’s just been fired from McDonalds and gotten a scolding from his mother. 

Heck, maybe now he can empathize with the hundreds of thousands who have actually lost their jobs. 

All in all, President Donald Trump will probably be sulking in his room and cursing TikTok for its viral dances and mass political trolls. Perhaps he would have garnered more live support if he offered colourful #BlackLivesMatter balloons and on-site COVID tests instead. 

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