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How you should not face a pandemic: The United States failure to face COVID-19

BY: Giordano Proulx

As countries are beginning to open up after facing the COVID-19 pandemic with varying degrees of success, one country is a clear outlier to such a rule, the United States. As a matter of fact, as the virus is sweeping the globe, the United States is seemingly incapable of controlling its spread. However, the causes for such shortcomings are a laundry list of mismanagement and poor decision making.

One of the prime examples of such a poor administration of the issue would be recent overhaul of reporting on COVID-19 cases. In fact, the current administration has notified hospitals and local officials to report their cases to the Department of Health and Human Services instead of the Center for Disease Control. The decision to sidestep the CDC is not to be taken lightly, as many current and former members of the CDC fear it will lead to further mistrust of the data reported regarding the current pandemic. Additionally, with such decreases in transparency, many fear the number of cases will be misconstrued in an attempt to politicize the results, regardless of concerns for public health. Moreover, without the numbers in their hands, the CDC is concerned that it will not be capable of fulfilling its duty with regards to protecting the American public from the virus. On the other hand, the problems do not limit themselves to federal policy. States are also struggling on their own to slow the exponential increase in cases as they reopen at breakneck speed. For example, states like Florida are breaking records with regards to positive cases on a seemingly weekly basis. Texas on the other hand, is facing the pandemic in a grimmer manner, needing to call in refrigerator trucks to preserve the dead bodies. Meanwhile, Georgia has instead implemented bans on legislation regarding the wearing of masks in public spaces. Hence, with the most cases in the world and more deaths than in the past 75 years of armed conflicts combined, the situation is quite clearly, a dire one.

With recent allegations of inner turmoil within the Trump administration, it is undoubtedly clear that the current handling of the pandemic response is a train wreck. However, such mismanagement will surely not go unpunished, as Americans heading to the polls in November will surely remember the events that have transpired throughout this summer.

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