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How Yemen Became the World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

BY: Tehreem Chohan

Yemen has always struggled with power and control between governments, rebels, terrorist groups, and allied countries interfering. What started as a new path of peace for civilians and agreements between leading groups in 2019, ended with another rise of disputes and casualties that began in January 2020 and are still occurring to this day.

Since 2011, a feud between Ali Abdullah Saleh and his second in command Addrabbuh Mansoor Hadi have majorly affected both the economy and the good state of the people of Yemen. The Houthis, who are a rebellion group in support of the Shia minority in the country decided to side with Saleh in order to gain power. The war allowed the Houthis to take control of the majority of Yemen and driving Hadi out of the country in 2015. This resulted in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and France to ally with Hadi in response to Iran helping the Houthis take command. Gunfire, bombs, and missiles being used to attack one another caused a rift with the Houthis ultimately killing Saleh for complete authority and even greater tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

With two sides causing destruction in this civil war, the ones that are the most affected are the Yemeni people. 7,500 deaths were caused by the Saudi airstrikes and 12,000 being killed by direct attacks in 2019 alone. Failing health, malnutrition, and sickness are the main causes of thousands of deaths also. It is recorded that 24 million are in need of aid and defense and 20 million of them suffering from hunger and are very close to even famine according to the UN, with 2 million of them being children. There is a lack of clean water and health care means for those millions of citizens suffering during the war with 3 million being displaced because of it.

With a pandemic that has caught the entire globe’s attention, Yemen’s civil war and especially the people that are in between the entire quarrel have been ignored. With rigidness being raised even higher on either side of forces there is little hope in the war calming down, which only results in more complications and troubles for the ones that are hurt the most in this time of a frangible world.

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