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How will Ramadan 2020 be different amid Covid-19?

BY: Zubair Hussain, Telha Chohan, & Ishrak Ahsan

The month of Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims around the world, they spend the month fasting and attending the masjid for Taraweeh. In Ramadan, families and friends get together to increase their spiritual connection to God. Every Ramadan, Muslims gather together in their communities and attend daily prayers during the night called “Taraweeh”. Taraweeh is really important in the Muslim community, as it helps people connect to god even more. Imagine yourself standing and listening to the beautiful words of the Quran in a nice melody tune, your standing all together and you can see the clear skies filled with stars and while praying you feel the most pleasant breeze which you can't describe. In addition to Taraweeh, Muslims all over the world sit with their families and friends to open and break fast every day for a month. Many Muslims look forward to this month, as it also has many health benefits.

This year however due to the pandemic, Muslims around the world are spending Ramadan in lockdown in order to flatten the curve and stop Covid-19 from spreading. For many, it has been difficult to spend the holy month inside their homes and away from the mosque, but it is something that is needed to be done to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Elderly people who usually spend hours at the mosque with their peers are now in lockdown as they are of the highest risk from the virus. To ensure that people feel connected to the mosque during Ramadan in this unprecedented time, many mosques have started providing online services such as webinars and live streams to keep the spirits of Ramadan alive.

While this whole COVID-19 Situation has made everyone stuck at home away from their family, friends and community members, it has helped slow down community transmission cases of the virus.


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