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Australia Makes A Covid-19 Vaccine Deal

BY: Danyal Khan

The Australian government announced this past Tuesday that it has agreed to a deal

with the drugmaker AstraZeneca. The deal includes a Covid-19 vaccine that will be available to all Australian citizens and it will be free of charge as well. After this ground-breaking deal was announced, Australia has become the latest country to secure a spot for the supplies of the drug, if the trials succeed.

AstraZeneca is a British-based drugmaker that has been undergoing the creation of this Covid-19 vaccine in a partnership with Oxford University. It is now in the trial stages with volunteers coming forward from around the globe. Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison did acknowledge that there are many challenges in the process of making a successful vaccine for this virus. However, he believes that AstraZeneca’s partnership with Oxford University for this project is “one of the best prospects in the world today”. The deal is still at its starting point as of now, with both parties signing a Letter of Intent.

It has been reported that the final stages will come later with a final agreement. The final agreement is set out to highlight important details such as pricing and distribution. Although, Australia has pointed out that it plans to spend as much as billions of dollars on its vaccine strategies. In an interview with a local radio show, Mr. Morrison stated that Australia’s plan is to achieve at least 95% vaccination. He said that this puts citizens with health conditions, that prevent them from receiving this vaccine in the front lines. He stressed on the fact of making this vaccine as mandatory as possible. A little time later, the Australian prime minister decided to add more clarity to his words on a Sydney radio station. He stated that the government will not make this vaccine mandatory.

AstraZeneca did release the results of its closely observed phase 1⁄2 trial at the end of July. That trial resulted that the vaccine was safe and did indeed induce an immune response. The phase 2/3 trials will now focus on trying to prove if the vaccine will be able to shield individuals from the coronavirus. AstraZeneca has stated that the results of this phase are to be expected later this year, and they will be based on the rate of virus infections within the communities that the trial has been performed on.

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