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A New Wake of COVID-19 Cases In Beijing

BY: Danyal Khan

It has now been the second day since the rise of new COVID-19 cases in the capital of China,

Beijing. This has awakened a sudden emergency to tackle the virus once again in the capital.

This recent outbreak of new coronavirus cases was discovered in a wholesale food market

known as Xinfadi. Xinfadi is a major wholesale food market as it is responsible for at least 80

percent of Beijing’s farm produce supply both domestically and overseas. However, due to the rise of new COVID-19 cases, it has been closed shut. Large numbers of residents that live in Beijing, specifically around the area of the Xinfadi market are being tested for the virus.

Additionally, the city has launched a campaign with a goal to identify individuals who have

recently visited the wholesale food market, or have come into contact with anyone who

previously has.

Officials in Beijing have confirmed at least 36 new cases of the coronavirus on

Monday, June 14. This was also the same number of cases as a day earlier. However, this recent number of new cases has been the highest since late March. As of now, the number of cases has increased to 79 according to officials. This has been the highest accumulation of virus infections since February 2020. A number of neighborhoods in the west and southwest of Beijing have been updated to a medium-risk for the coronavirus. This includes Financial Street where a number of banks and financial firms are situated. A number of strict measures have been placed such as, strict regulations of citizen and vehicle movements, disinfections and temperature checks.

Three other provinces have declared new cases of the virus due to the rise

of new covid-19 infections in the capital of China. There have been precautionary measures

taken from other provinces as well, that include avoiding non-essential travel to Beijing, and

specific isolation protocols. The World Health Organization has been informed of the new

cluster ever since, and has called for a thorough investigation to find the root of the rise of new cases in the capital.

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