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9/11: Never Again, Or Only The Beginning?

BY: Faiz Farook

Almost two decades after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, Muslims across the globe continue to suffer from negative stigma, Islamophobia, hate crimes, internal war, and genocide. 

Following the attack that left 2976 American people dead, the American military invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and funded the Israeli invasion of Palestine, leaving refugees and casualties, both in the millions. America did provide reason for military occupancy, claiming that these countries were occupied by terrorist forces or being persecuted by their own government.

However, the authenticity of their claims were always doubted, seeing as the level of destruction in these countries all increased tremendously after their involvement. While many Americans claim that 9/11 was an attack on their freedom, liberty, and their fundamental way of life, they fail to realize that the global Muslim population continues to be the biggest victims of an act that was perpetrated by a group who represents the opposite of everything that their religion stands for. 

By continuously projecting Muslims in a light of terrorism, violence, and menace, mainstream media has coerced the public to desensitize themselves from the brutality and baseless evil that Muslims are subjected to because of their faith, silencing the voices of those who are truly in need. Entire genocides and ethnic cleansings struggle to find their place in major news channels.

In Myanmar, 25 000 Muslims were confirmed dead, while researchers estimate that twice that number are presumed to be dead, with even more people unregistered and missing. China has been successful in launching a modern day holocaust, kidnapping an estimated 1-3 million Uighur Muslims and placing them in concentration camps where they are taught to “forget” their religion through electrocution, beating, and rape.

The true number of the camp population has been hidden from the public, and Uighurs are re-entered into society either through forced marriage or adoption into a Chinese family. It is 19 years worth of Anti-Muslim rhetoric which has allowed the world to reach a state where even this type of atrocity is ignored.

In North America, the life of an everyday Muslim is no easy feat. Right wing media and Islamophobia groups grow stronger than ever, pushing the narratives such as “moderate muslims”, “Safety Precaution Hijab and Niqab Bans”, “Muslim Bans”, and “Refugee Bans”, all working together to portray Islam as a dangerous threat, a concept that must either be eradicated or moderated. This agenda has resulted in an abundant case of hate crimes over the years, including several mosque shootings, where innocent people were gunned down in the very place that they considered a sanctuary from the outside world. 

This is the other half of the narrative that the rest of the world does not see. These are the transgressions and wrongdoings that befall the Muslim people, the sentence they received for being a global community who believes in coexisting peace and harmony. 9/11 did not just change America, it condemned the existence of every soul who carried the faith of Islam in their heart from then on.


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