Board of Directors

Zubair Hussain

Founder and President

Zubair grew up loving politics his entire life. He wanted to help change the world and start a movement of youth leaders, thus he created Youth In Politics. Zubair plans to become a politician and serve his community. Zubair is currently studying at the University of Toronto

Nathaniel Saad

Vice President & Head of Recruiting

Since a young age, Nathaniel has wanted to become a lawyer and defend people's rights. This has fulled him to engage himself in local and federal politics, world affairs, and student government for the last few years. Currently, he is 19 years old and is an undergraduate student Majoring in International Management at McGill University with the hope of reaching Law School in a few years. Nathaniel is passionate about the United Nations, Social Justice, Canadian politics, and loves spending his time reading and writing about these various topics.

Ishrak Ahsan

Secretary & Head of Communications

Ishrak Ahsan is a student whose interest in politics comes from the desire to understand the ever-changing world thoroughly. His fascination with current issues and the role of politics in our daily lives comes from a passion for knowledge and informing others. Currently, he is studying economics at the University of Toronto.

Telha Chohan

Treasurer & Head of Internal Affairs

Telha Chohan is currently an 18-year-old student that brings an essential idiosyncratic viewpoint of business to the political team, as he will be studying at the Ted Rogers School of Management to further develop his profession. Telha is inspired by the businesswomen and men in his life.


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